Periodontal dental instruments – used in periodontal procedures Maintenance of the health of the periodontium (gingiva, periodontal ligament & alveolar bone) is vital for an individual’s overall dental health.

US Elite Inc, USA. Offers an exclusive selection of quality products to meet the needs of the periodontist and periodontal practice. We supply a wide variety of items — from periodontal instruments solutions, and curettes to scalers, periodontal knives, and periodontal files and scissors Castroviejo — at the best possible value. Rely on Us for a complete range of periodontics equipment, pharmaceuticals, and supplies — including US Elite Inc. Brand products and other exclusive products and deals — US Elite Inc instruments/products all backed by the US Elite Inc. guarantee of quality, convenience, and overall satisfaction.

  • Curettes


    Dental Curette
  • Periodontal Files

    Periodontal Files

    Hirschfeld 16/17 Tunneling File
  • Scalers


    US Elite XLite Scalers perform best when Instructions are followed for Calculus Removal. Put the tip third of the scaler’s cutting edge against the tooth. Tilt the instrument toward the tooth at a 70–80 degree angle between tooth and blade. Apply lateral pressure and activate the scaler with vertical, diagonal or horizontal pull strokes. For best control, use 2–3 mm…
  • Scissors Castroviejo

    Scissors Castroviejo

    Castroviejo Scissors/Microsurgical scissors unique design features allow extremely smooth cutting of fine and coarse tissue with reduced trauma. The spring action design allows for the delicate incision of tissue and is commonly used during Mohs procedures.