This high-performance cartridge system is available in Regular and Fast set. With the viscosities ranging from Heavy to Medium, Light and Monophase Body, It has excellent tear strength to maintain impression integrity upon removal and precise impressions no matter what technique you use. Exceeds ISO 4380 standard which will help eliminate remakes.

  • Alginate


    Alginate is a high align content impression material alginate a salt of alginic acid, a colloidal substance from brown seaweed; used, in the form of calcium, sodium, or ammonium alginate, for dental impression materials.
  • Alginate Accessories

    Alginate Accessories

  • Alginate Alternatives

    Alginate Alternatives

    This polyvinylsiloxane “alginate alternative” impres-sion material delivers exceptional accuracy and performance! Indicated for preliminary impressions, provisional crown and bridge impressions, study models, registration/opposing dentition impressions, impressions for orthodontic models, sports guards, bleaching trays and more.
  • Bite Registration

    Bite Registration

  • Bite Trays

    Bite Trays

    Bite Trays
  • Impression Trays

    Impression Trays

    Impression Tray is a device used to carry, confine & control the impression material from the patient's mouth. Perforated Stainless Steel Impression Trays . Solid impression trays.
  • Mixing Tips-Impression & Bite

    Mixing Tips-Impression & Bite

  • Mixing Tips-Volume

    Mixing Tips-Volume

    Mixing Tips-Volume
  • VPS Applicator Guns

    VPS Applicator Guns

    VPS Applicator Guns