Diagnostic Examination Instruments

Dental diagnostic examination instruments are a set of specialized tools used by dental professionals to assess and diagnose oral health conditions in patients. These instruments are essential for performing thorough examinations and identifying various dental issues. Some common dental diagnostic examination instruments include: Briault Probe, Cotton Forceps/Pliers, Explorers, Mouth Mirror, Periodontal Probe, and Straight Probe.  A significant number of dental professionals throughout the United States rely on a fundamental set of US Elite Diagnostic Instruments for tasks such as cleanings, examinations, and various procedures.

  • Cotton & Dressing Pliers

    Cotton & Dressing Pliers

    Cotton and Dressing Pliers
  • Explorers


    US Elite Explorers US Elite Dental explorers typically consist of a handle and a thin, flexible, and pointed working end. The working end is designed to glide along the tooth surface, allowing the dentist to feel for areas of demineralization or tooth decay. The handle is ergonomically designed for easy grip and control.  There are different types of dental explorers,…
  • Mirrors & Mirrors Handles

    Mirrors & Mirrors Handles

    Mirrors and Mirror Handles Diagnostic Dentistry
  • Probes & Explorers

    Probes & Explorers

    Probes and explorers