Laboratory Instruments

  • Cement Spatula

    Cement Spatula

    Cement Spatula, Dental Cement Spatula is designed to mix dental cements. Some Spatulas may have working tips at both ends. The tip may have a wider surface area to aid in the mixing of cement powders with liquids.
  • Plaster Spatula & Knives

    Plaster Spatula & Knives

    Dental Plaster Spatula & Knives, Specialized in plaster knives & spatulas to suit your unique needs including plaster knife 3, stiff plaster spatula 3r, 2 blade plaster knife 12, 1.375in blade etc.
  • Waxes Spatula / Carvers

    Waxes Spatula / Carvers

    Carver / Waxes Spatula