Features and benefits include

  • Available in four grits: fine, medium, coarse, x-coarse
  • Flavors: Bubble Gum, Cherry, Mint, Pina Colada, Orange Sherbet, Raspberry
  • Available in 6 oz. and 12 oz. jars and individual cups
  • Great flavor in a non-splatter, consistent formula
  • Contains 1.23% APF with a unique blend of cleaning and polishing agents
  • Disposable cups to eliminate cross contamination
  • Grit-specific, color-coded tops with easy-to-read labels for convenient use
  • Includes prophy ring for easy application use
  • Gluten-free
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For varying stain removal requirements, Gelato Prophy paste is offered in four different grits (fine, medium, coarse, and x-course). Fine grit is typically used by hygienists for general cleaning, while medium grit offers a little more stain removal power. To remove moderate to strong stains, a coarse paste is necessary. Gelato Prophy Paste offers everything dental professionals require, no matter the task.

Gelato® Prophy Paste provides smooth, pliable and splatter-free application. The 1.23% fluoride ion Gelato paste, 6-time winner of The Dental Advisor’s Top Prophy Paste (2013 through 2018), is perfect for high-luster polishing and stain removal, but it remains gentle enough on the enamel with minimal enamel loss.

Gelato paste comes in boxes of 200 individual disposable cups for convenient use. The disposable cups also eliminate cross contamination and include a prophy ring for ease of application on the patient’s teeth. For more options, the paste comes in 6 ounce (exports only) and 12 ounce jars.

The paste is available in four different grits (fine, medium, coarse, and x-course) for various stain removal needs. Typically, hygienists use the fine grit for routine use and the medium grit gives a little more stain removal power. The coarse paste is required for removing moderate to heavy stains. No matter the job, Gelato Prophy Paste provides exactly what dental professionals need.

Keystone Industries continues to put forward the largest assortment of great-tasting Gelato flavors such as Pina Colada, and Orange Sherbet. The paste line also has Mint, Cherry, Bubble Gum and Raspberry flavors for a plethora of flavor options to satisfy picky clients. The individual cups are clearly labeled for quick retrieval and application.

Overall, Keystone is proud of this highly regarded review from The Dental Advisor. As a company that strives to create the best quality products at the best price, Keystone is proud to say Gelato Prophy Paste has hit the mark with quality and price.

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Gelato Prophy Paste

Prophy Paste 200/Bx Assorted Coarse, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Assorted Medium, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Bubble Gum Coarse, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Bubble Gum Fine, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Bubble Gum Medium, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Cherry Coarse, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Mint X-Coarse, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Raspberry Coarse, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Raspberry Medium




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