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  • Hu-Friedy – Amalgam Carrier CF™ II Regular/Large


  • Hu-Friedy – Amalgam Carrier CF™ II Regular/Large

  • CF™ II Amalgam Carriers Syncote™ coating eliminates clogging. It prevents abrasion of the barrel’s inner surface and keeps amalgam particles from interfering with dispensing action. Promptly remove excess material before autoclave steam sterilization.
  • FUNCTION: To pick up, carry to, and place amalgam in a prepared cavity.
  • FEATURES: Sizes of the working end: mini, Regular, Large, and Jumbo single and Double Ended.
  • TRAY SET-UP:  Amalgam
  • CLINICAL APPLICATION:  After mixing (triturating) alloy and mercury, amalgam is placed in an amalgam well or on a cotton squeeze cloth for loading the amalgam carrier.
  • Packaging: 1/EA




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