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LuxaBite is an innovative rigid bisacryl bite registration material that combines superior handling properties and a firmer setting to yield the most accurate, hard and stable bite registrations on the market. Its thixotropic properties prevent the material from flowing into approximal spaces, and its superior final high hardness (Shore D-69, or Barcol 25 after 1hr) eliminates compression or flexing when mounted to facilitate precise bite registrations. LuxaBite is automatically mixed to a homogenous, bubble-free, non-slumping consistency and can be directly applied. Excellent stability. The hardest bite registration material. No compression on mounting. Patient-friendly formula: tasteless and odorless. Easy to trim with a high-speed bur. Superior accuracy. Offers minimal resistance to closure of teeth. Fast setting.

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Pro-Foam 2% Neutral Sodium Fluoride Foam Medicom

Mint, each, Raspberry, each




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