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Metricide 14 Kerr TotalCare

  • MetriCide is intended for use in a tray system with a variety of noncritical, semi-critical, and critical devices – including lensed instruments, anesthesia equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, rubber objects, plastic objects, sharp instruments, thermometers, and flexible fiberoptic endoscopes.
  • Contains no surfactant. 2.6% glutaraldehyde.
  • Ideal for endoscopes. 14 day product.

Metricide 28 Day Cold Sterilization 1 Gallon – Metrex 

Features and Benefits:

The activated solution has to stay above the minimum effective concentration (MEC) of glutaraldehyde, as measured by a chemical indicator.

MetriTest™ 1.8% Test Strips are a glutaraldehyde concentration monitor for use in glutaraldehyde-containing solutions with a minimum effective concentration (MEC) of 1.8% glutaraldehyde. It is required to test the glutaraldehyde solution prior to each use.

  • Recommended for immersible and heat-sensitive equipment and instruments Contains surfactants

List of Uses:

  • Anesthesia equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, rubber and plastic objects For high-level disinfection/ sterilization of heat sensitive medical equipment for which alternative methods of sterilization are not suitable Stainless steel instruments

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Metricide 14 Kerr TotalCare, Metricide 28 Day Cold Sterilization 1 Gallon – Metrex




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