Clean & Polish effectively:

The splatter-free Kolorz Prophylaxis Paste removes discolorations, and plaque and it polishes the tooth’s surface. The patient feels the results immediately.

Four different grits – extra coarse (only available in mint), coarse, medium, fine – allow you to adjust the degree of abrasion.

Kolorz Prophylaxis Paste is gentle and  does not cause any unnecessary abrasion of the tooth’s structure and restoration surfaces. The paste contains 1.23% APF fluoride.

Kolorz Prophy Pastes offer advanced GLUTEN-FREE formulas in non-caloric natural sweeteners such as xylitol.

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DMG Kolorz™ Prophy Paste is a 1.23% fluoride formula that is splatter-free and comes in disposable, single-unit cups to eliminate cross-contamination.  It removes discolorations, plaque and polishes the tooth surface. A variety of grits and flavors make it ideal for nearly all patients.

  • Premium splatter-free fluoride formulas
  • Choice of grits
  • Disposable unit dose-cups
  • Great tasting flavors: triple mint, cherry burst, carnival pack (cotton candy & blue raspberry), bubblegum, cinnamon & mint assorted pack
  • Contains xylitol and fluoride (12,300 ppm)

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Kolorz Prophy Paste DMG

Prophy Paste 200/Bx Assorted Medium, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Cherry Coarse, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Cherry Medium, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Mint Coarse, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Mint Fine, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Mint Medium, Prophy Paste 200/Bx Mint X-Coarse


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