Slightly longer than the Halsted Mosquito, the Kelly forceps have a longer jaw to clamp off vessels that control blood flow. Kelly Hemostatic Forceps may also be used for soft tissue dissection. The jaw is half-serrated and can also be used for blunt dissection. Snap lock for an ergonomic hold on small parts.

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Kelly Forceps / RANKIN Forceps

An essential component for any tactical medical kit, these sterile, straight, or curved 5.5″ Kelly Hemostatic Forceps with a serrated blunt tip can be used to clamp large blood vessels, manipulate heavy tissue, and dissect soft tissue.
Kelly Forceps (also called mosquito forceps when they are smaller) is a general-purpose EMS and surgical tool used to grasp very small objects when are too large.

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Kelly Forceps

Kelly Forceps Curved 5.5", Kelly Forceps Straight 5.5", RANKIN Forceps Curved 6.25", RANKIN Forceps Straight 6.25"


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