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  • ImplaMate Posterior Sickle 204S Implant Scaler


  • ImplaMate Posterior Sickle 204S Implant Scaler


Nordent ImplaMate Posterior Sickle Implant Scaler #204S


  • Mirror image blades on a short-reach terminal shank that is set at 40° to the handle.
  • The blades have a reach of 4.5 mm and a width of 0.9 mm. Featuring Nordent DuraLite ColorRings Handle.
  • ImplaMate Scalers and Implant abutments are both made with solid titanium which makes Nordent ImplaMate Scalers work safely & efficiently implant abutments.
  • ImplaMate titanium scalers are designed to safely glide over all implant abutment surfaces.  The solid titanium tips are thin enough to allow access in the tightest areas, while rugged enough to provide the performance of traditional scalers.
  • No Sharpening required & can be sterilized by any method.




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