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  • Gracey Curette #12-13 – Classic – DuraLite® Round






  • Gracey Curette #12-13 – Classic – DuraLite® Round

  • Mesial Distal Combination combines the mesial tip of the Gracey 12 and the distal Gracey 13 tip to allow completion of the facial or lingual sextant without changing instruments.
  • Nordent standard Gracey curettes feature a blade face curve with a true radius that conforms to tooth anatomy better than any other brand.
  • This means that Nordent standard Gracey curettes are easier to adapt, require fewer strokes, and reduce tissue trauma better than any other brand.
  • Nordent standard Gracey curettes have a 1.1 mm terminal shank diameter and blades that are 0.9 mm wide and 4 mm long. Featuring our DuraLite Round Handle, additional handle options are shown below.


  • Material: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Brand:  Nordent
  • Package Quantity: 1/Pkg




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