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  • US Elite Excavator #14 Double-end stainless steel standard solid handle.
US Elite Dental and Dentistry Products, Instruments.


  • Excavators are used to removing soft dentin, debris, and decay from teeth.  It can also be used for the removal of other dental materials (temporary cement, etc.).


  • FUNCTION: To remove soft decay and other materials such as temporary restorations and cement from the tooth.
  • FEATURES: Rounded, scoop-like working end Multiple sizes in “spoon” or “blade” shape.  The design of the instrument makes it useful for many tasks.
  • TRAY SETUP: Amalgam, composite, Crown & Bridge.
  • Packaging: 1/EA


  • Hand Cutting Instruments Hand-cutting instruments allow the dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant to remove decay manually from teeth for the final restoration. The hand-cutting instruments include the chisel, excavator, elevator, gingival margin trimmer, hand piece, hoe, hatchet, scalar, and Wilson.


  • **All US Elite Brand Dental Instruments come with 1 Year Warranty.


US Elite Inc. USA. Dental and dentistry tools, products, supplies.

US Elite Inc. Dental products and instruments for dentists, labs, and dentistry colleges.
US Elite Dental and Dentistry Products, Instruments.


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