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  • US Elite T-Ball Burnisher #34 with Standard Solid Single End Handle.
US Elite Dental and Dentistry Products, Instruments.


Burnisher – T-Ball Single End

  • Burnisher – used to smooth the surface of a freshly placed amalgam restoration.


  • FUNCTION: To smooth and shape Metal Restorations (Amalgams), smooth rough margins (Temporary Crowns), and shape metal Matrix Bands.
  • FEATURES: “T” shaped working end with a small ball on one side of “T” and paddle on the other.
  • TRAY SET-UP: Amalgam, Crown, and Bridge Preparation.
  • Packaging:  1/EA


  • **All US Elite Brand Dental Instruments come with 1 Year Warranty.


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US Elite Dental and Dentistry Products, Instruments.


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