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  • US Elite Behrman 1 Amalgam Plugger, Stainless steel standard solid handle.
US Elite Dental and Dentistry Products, Instruments.


  • Behrman # 1

US Elite  Amalgam Condensers and Pluggers are specially designed instruments to plug and place amalgam into the preparation without risking injury to sensitive tissue.


  • Condensers – used to pack down freshly placed amalgam into the preparation.


  • FUNCTION: To compact amalgam in the cavity preparation.
  • FEATURES: Working ends are called “nibs” various sizes and shapes of the working end: Round, Oval, Diamond, Rectangular             Smooth, or serrated tips.  Single End or  Double ended.  Also known as Amalgam Plugger.
  • TRAY SET-UP: Amalgam
  • CLINICAL APPLICATION: Once amalgam hardens on an instrument, it is very difficult to remove. It is important to remove any remaining bits of amalgam from the working ends before cleaning and sterilization.


  • **All US Elite Brand Dental Instruments come with 1 Year Warranty.


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US Elite Inc. Dental products and instruments for dentists, labs, and dentistry colleges.
US Elite Dental and Dentistry Products, Instruments.


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