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  • # 3CH DE Explorer Double End Stainless Steel, easy-grip. 3 CH Explorer used for detection of caries, pocket exploration, and restorations. 3CH Explorer Double Ended.
  • US Elite Examination instruments are the most often used instruments on the dental tray. They allow the dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant to thoroughly examine the patient’s mouth. These instruments include the Briault probe, cotton forceps, explorers, mouth mirror, periodontal probe, and straight probe.
  • US Elite line of Explorers are very effective in the detection of calculus, examine tooth surfaces for caries, exploration of pocket characteristics, furcation’s and restorations.

**All US Elite Brand Dental Instruments come with 1 Year Warranty

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US Elite Dental and Dentistry Products, Instruments.


  • 3CHExplorer Double End, round stainless steel handle.

  • FUNCTION: To examine tooth surfaces for caries, calculus, or defects using the sense of touch (tactile)
  • FEATURES: Thin, sharp working end comes in different designs Common styles are the #1, 2 (pigtail), 3DE, 3CH Cowhorn, 11/12 Gracey, 17 Explorer, and 23 (Shepard’s hook)  Maybe Single or double-Ended (different design on each side)
  • TRAY SET-UP: Exam and Basic Set-up, a component of most procedural tray set-ups.
  • CLINICAL APPLICATION: Also used to: Check the fit of margins of restorations Evaluate root surfaces and furcation area in the periodontal exam (11/12) Remove excess material from restoration or preparation, Remove excess cement.



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US Elite Inc. Dental products and instruments for dentists, labs, and dentistry colleges.
US Elite Dental and Dentistry Products, Instruments.


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