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Zenith Type-T Spherical Amalgam Alloy is a fast setting alloy with an immediate silky carve. Type-T is made from the strongest alloy available, contain-ing 60% silver, 27% tin, and 13% copper. This gives it an impressive 68,000 psi compressive strength after 24 hours! The self-activating capsules require no pinching and twisting, and the fast set allows for immediate packing and carving.

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Type-T Spherical Amalgam Alloy DMG America

1 Spill (Aqua/Royal Blue) 50/jar, 1 Spill (Aqua/Royal Blue) 500/jar, 2 Spill (Aqua/Gray) 50/jar, 2 Spill (Aqua/Gray) 500/jar, 3 Spill (Aqua/White) 50/jar, 3 Spill (Aqua/White) 500/jar


DMG America


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