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Long lasting, condensable alloy that exhibits excellent handling characteristics and high compressive strength. Ensures good marginal integrity. Eliminates open contacts. Requires no pinching or twisting of the capsules to open. Provides one-step trituration without the use of an activator tool. It is available in regular and fast-setting formulas. Easy differentiation between types and spills.

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Premium Dispersed Phase Amalgam Alloy DMG America

1 Spill Fast Bulk, 500/jar, 1 Spill Regular Bulk, 500/jar, 1 Spill, Fast 50/jar, 1 Spill, Regular 50/jar, 2 Spill, Fast 50/jar, 2 Spill, Fast Bulk 500/jar, 2 Spill, Regular 50/jar, 2 Spill, Regular Bulk 500/jar, 3 Spill, Fast 50/jar, 3 Spill, Fast Bulk 500/jar, 3 Spill, Regular 50/jar, 3 Spill, Regular Bulk 500/jar, 5 oz. Disp. Fast Phase Powder, 5 oz. Disp. Regular Phase Powder


DMG America


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