Great flow properties while maintaining sufficient strength to avoid tearing. Dustless. Easy to mix. Mint scent.


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Our alginate mimic material is simple to manufacture, has good flow characteristics, is neither toxic nor unpleasant, and is strong enough to prevent ripping when removed from the mouth. Our Alginate  Mimic Material comes as an extra-fine powder with a mint fragrance and offers dimensional stability. In order to guarantee the strength of the material, these are packaged in a trilaminate metallic bag. It is exceptionally physical, fluid, and consistent. Featuring outstanding compatibility with filling materials and consistent dimensional stability. Excellent flow characteristics with enough strength to prevent tearing. Dustless. Easy to blend Minty aroma.

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Mimic Alginate Impression Material

Fast Set: 1 lb. bag Mimic Alginate, Regular Set: 1 lb. bag Mimic Alginate




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