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  • Complete Kit: Contains: 1 1/4 lb. powder and 8 oz. liquid.
  • Bulk Package, 5 lb. Reg. Set. Contains: 5 lb. powder and 32 oz. liquid




  • Fastray and Fastray LC are reliable custom trays and acrylic base plate materials by Bosworth dental supplies.
  • Fastray is dimensionally stable, radiopaque, and self-curing for individual trays and base plates.
  • Choose between Regular and Extra-Fast options, which set up in 5 minutes and 3 minutes, respectively.
  • This memory-free separator is non-stick, and available in blue, pink, or white.

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Fastray Keystone/Bosworth

Blue Bulk Package 5 lb., Blue Complete Kit 1 1/4 lb., Blue Powder, 1 lb., Liquid, 8 oz., Pink Bulk Package 5 lb., Pink Complete Kit 1 1/4 lb., Pink Powder, 1 lb., White Bulk Package 5 lb., White Complete Kit 1 1/4 lb., White Powder, 1 lb., X-Fast Blue Bulk Package, X-Fast Blue Complete Kit




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